Information Technology (Cybersecurity) Pathway

Designed to introduce students to the foundational concepts of Information Technology (Cybersecurity), this pathway challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world.  This pathway is rigorous, engaging, and an approachable pathway that explores many of the foundational ideas of Information Technology (Cybersecurity) and Digital Forensics and so all students understand how these concepts are transforming the world we live in.  The students will have many opportunities to work collaboratively to design, create and present solutions to real-world problems. They will also gain industry and practical computational thinking skills through hands-on projects. Students will create mobile apps, video games, websites, computer simulations, diagnose and repair computers, investigate computer networks, and use Cybersecurity tools. 

Core Courses

2147 Intro to Computing and Data Science EEP 

This is a one-semester course for all students (not just those interested in computer science as a career) that introduces computer programming in an engaging, fun, creative way and provides the computational thinking skills of programming, algorithm development, simulation and data analysis that can be used in other classes, such as NGSS science classes.  This is an approved EEP course. (University of Rhode Island Course: CSC101- Computing Concepts, 4 credits) 

2415 AP Computer Science Principles EEP 

AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) is a full-year, rigorous, entry-level course that introduces high school students to the foundations of modern computing. The course covers a broad range of topics that make up computing such as programming, algorithms, the Internet, big data, digital privacy and security, and the societal impacts of computing.  The course is designed around the AP Computer Science Principles Framework and prepares students to take the AP CSP exam and to complete the AP CSP Performance Tasks. This is an approved EEP course. (University of Rhode Island Course: CSC106- The Joy of Programming, 4 credits). 

2502 Cyber Security Fundamentals EEP 

Cyber Security Fundamentals is a full-year, rigorous, entry-level course that introduces high school students to the foundations of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. The course introduces the technologies used in the field, such as hardware, basic computer networking, and cyber security tools.  This is an approved EEP course. (University of Rhode Island Course: CSF102- Cyber Security Fundamentals, 4 credits). 

4529 Introduction to Criminal Justice EEP 

This course serves as an introduction to the American legal system and the criminal justice process.  Students will learn how to answer some of the most pressing questions within the criminal justice system, such as: What makes a guilty mind?  How can we reform the correction system? Do we still need the Second Amendment? How do we ensure that all defendants receive a fair trial? Students will first need to understand the Constitutional protections afforded through the Bill of Rights, trial procedures, as well as the types and classifications of crimes. We will analyze real and hypothetical criminal scenarios, evaluating all elements. Students who maintain at least an 88 average and choose to meet the additional requirements established by Roger Williams University can earn 3 credits to Roger Williams University, transferable anywhere. 

6511 Law and Society EEP 

A highly recommended course for career and college-bound students. Law and Society will excite your natural curiosity to solve problems and disputes. It is an interesting, useful, and challenging course. You will learn how to apply the rules of the law to many situations which are prevalent in society. Topics for the class include ethics, criminal and civil law, the trial process, tort law, the law of contracts, product liability, warranties, and student rights. Mock trials enhance the course concepts and allow the students to argue cases in front of a jury. The class is taught in the Little Theater (Room 108) which is one of the only fully functioning classroom/courtrooms in the United States. This course qualifies for 3 college credits through Roger Williams University with completed portfolio and research paper (optional for credit). 

Information Technology (Cybersecurity) Pathway Electives

2404 AP Computer Science A EEP