CTE Spotlight Dec. 2020

December 2020 Spotlight

This month, we are proud to feature a program graduate. Chloe Olean, Teacher Preparation Education Pathway, Class of 2017

Chloe is a soon to be graduate of the Keene State College Early Childhood Education Program. She will be continuing her education as a graduate student studying Special Education also at Keene State, where she serves as the President of the international Honor Society in Education.

Chloe shared the following sentiments about her time within the Teacher Preparation program

"I can confidently say that I would not be the educator, student, or person that I am today without my experience at SHS within the teacher preparation CTE program. There is no doubt in my mind that I entered higher education with a deeper understanding and knowledge of early childhood education, and this truly set me apart from my peers in a college classroom. I will never forget walking into my first-year education class.  As I entered, I felt nothing but confidence as I heard my professor speak about concepts that I already had background knowledge in- making me more likely to participate in class, take social risks, and have a relationship with my faculty as I knew I was prepared- and this is all thanks to my high school CTE program. That prior knowledge and experience from my CTE program was invaluable when entering higher education- especially when participating in class discussions, writing, or making connections by communicating with others as I had been in a functioning ‘play (pre) school’ classroom for my four years of high school."

Best of luck in the future Chloe!