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Career & Technical Education Programs

Smithfield High School’s Career and Technical Education Pathway programs offer students the opportunity to begin defining their future from the very beginning of high school. For more than 20 years, our Pathway programs have offered students a three to four course sequence, college credits, and work based learning experiences, giving students a head start in their career field.

CTE Pathway programs are open to all Smithfield High School students, as well as to students from outside of the district through our application.

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What's Happening in CTE?

Law and Public Safety

April 12, 2021

Law and Society students are finishing up their tort law chapter and will soon be litigating negligence and product liability cases in the coming weeks. The have also reviewed a number of famous tort cases including the McDonald's Hot Coffee Case and the Ford Pinto ruling.

In Introduction to Criminal Justice, students are finishing up 3rd quarter argumentative research papers. This assignment required students to find a contentious point of case law or social issue and create a position about it, with a counterclaim and rebuttal. At the same time, students are also wrapping up a unit on the criminal justice process. This has included the stages of a criminal case from arrest and bail through the trial, sentencing, and appeals stages. We'll also be moving into an analysis of the American jury system through film and case studies. We're using current ongoing cases, Ex. Derek Chauvin murder case, as models for our analysis.

In First Responder Fitness, students just completed their CPR training and will be begin FEMA training next week

CTE Spotlight

Each month SHS will Spotlight a CTE student excelling in their field.

This month Smithfield High School is excited to honor Academy of Finance member Megan Nicholson. Megan is a junior here at SHS and is a member of both the Academy of Finance and Future Business Leaders of America. She recently participated in the RI FBLA State Competition where she placed 3rd in the Accounting event. Megan earned a scholarship from Johnson & Wales University for this achievement. As a well rounded student, she is also a member of both the SHS soccer and basketball teams. We are confident she will be successful in her future ventures upon her graduation from SHS in 2022!