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Career & Technical Education Programs

Smithfield High School’s Career and Technical Education Pathway programs offer students the opportunity to begin defining their future from the very beginning of high school. For more than 20 years, our Pathway programs have offered students a three to four course sequence, college credits, and work based learning experiences, giving students a head start in their career field.

CTE Pathway programs are open to all Smithfield High School students, as well as to students from outside of the district through our application.

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What's Happening in CTE?

Computer Science and Information Technology / Cybersecurity

June 4, 2021

The CyberSecurity students have started working on their final project using Phidgets. Project examples include building and coding a fish tank monitor for temperature and PH, or building and coding an acceloratomotor to find the best take off method for a remote controlled car.

The AP Computer Science A students have completed their AP exams and have started to build drones that use a Raspberry PI with Python coding to get it to fly.

The AP Computer Science Principles students have also completed their AP exams and are working in groups to come up with a computing innovation that could be used in a futuristic school.

Finally, the Computing and Data Science students are working on and presenting their data stories to summarize their course learning. Once complete, the students are also assembling drones to program and fly.

CTE Spotlight

Each month SHS will Spotlight a CTE student excelling in their field.

This month’s CTE Student Spotlight goes out to Schneider Laguerre! Schneider is currently working hard in 3 Computer Science courses: AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, and Computing and Data Science). After graduation this June, Schneider will be heading to the University of Rhode Island for Pharmacy with a minor in Computer Science. While competing in Cyberpatriot, his team won 3rd place Silver Tier for RI! We are proud of you, best of luck in all that you do!