All seven child care classes are building the foundation for learning and are excited for their school work in the Teacher Preparation Education Pathway.  

The Playschool is up and running. It began with an orientation on September 7th for parents and the 10 enrolled preschool children from the community.  September 14th marked the first playschool of the year with students from Child Care II Honors planning a fun day which included: circle time, learning games, free play in the centers, story, art and snack time.  All lessons address the Rhode Island Early Learning Development Standards.

The Child Development classes are bursting with enthusiasm as they are introduced to the Real Care Baby experience. Students were given the opportunity to practice in class how to meet the needs of the baby (feeding, diapering, burping and soothing) while also learning how to handle the baby to prevent rough handling, positioning and  shaking. SHS Child Development students stepped up to plate and handled the babies like pros!