Law and Society has begun our criminal law unit and are studying various crimes as well as searches and seizures.  This will lead us to our first mock trial, which will be a criminal case in mid-November.

Intro to Criminal Justice is wrapping up Constitutional rights and protections.  We’re just finishing the 4th Amendment: case precedents on search and seizure, warrants and infrared technology, school searches and New Jersey v. TLO, and finally exceptions to warrant searches.  

This past week, students ruled on the fictional case of Alexa v. United States.  This fictional Supreme Court case asked students the following question: “Should the protections within the Fourth and Fifth Amendments extend to personal “always on” electronic devices?”.  Students had to create a “breaking news” segment showcasing their decision.

First Responder Fitness students are currently working through the Incident Command System (ICS) 100 online course which describes the features, principles, organizational structure and relationship between ICS and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). We are also into week 7 of our self defense program with School Resource Officer John…and let’s not forget our weekly yoga class and workouts.