Over the past four weeks, with the help of a total of eighteen dedicated high school students and one committed college student, we successfully completed our summer playschool program. One of our high school volunteers came to us from the inclusive classroom, eager to assist the children’s growth without even being a member of our program. This individual worked alongside the children, assisting teachers in set up for activities and being a positive role model for the children, among other things.

Our other high school volunteers all came from our Teacher Preparation Education Pathway, willingly giving up much of their summer to be here working alongside Mrs Karen DiSano their child care teacher and to help strengthen the children’s skills. They worked hard, drafting lessons and crafts for the children to do each day and preparing the activities. The students can use the knowledge and experience they gain through this program through the rest of their lives. In fact, one of the 2017 graduates from the program came back after her freshman year in college to work with us, and was recently hired at Greenville Nursery, largely thanks to the fact that she completed the program and was able to gain the skills our students learn in high school.

Those enrolled in our playschool program this summer were able to strengthen and further develop the skills they already had, including working on writing, team building, literacy, and socialization. While some of the students were getting ready to leave this program and enter kindergarten, others were just getting ready to enter our program and the difference in skill sets helped the children to learn to work together for a successful summer.