Students in Law I begin their trial rules and procedures unit this week, with their first mock trial (a criminal case) scheduled just before Christmas. Students finished their criminal law unit using an activity on Searches and Confessions (Miranda vs. Arizona / Minnick vs. Mississippi).

Law II begin trial preparation for their second case of the year. They just finished a chapter on Personal Property and Bailments, and debated the Pepsi Globe Bucks Case and the court’s decision.

Students in Intro to Criminal Justice are beginning a unit on criminal behavior and criminal principles.  We have analyzed crime in Smithfield, as it compares to other cities and towns across Rhode Island. Currently, students created scenarios showcasing the basic criminal elements of Mens Rea (The Guilty Mind), Actus Reus (The Guilty Act), and criminal intent.  From here, we will be investigating the crimes against person and property, where students will be researching and presenting a chosen crime.