The SHS Engineering department and the Engineering CTE program are always evolving and moving forward.  We are currently involved in many projects, changes to our facility, and implementing new and cutting edge technology, equipment and curriculum.

We are currently working on a new CTE pathway titled “Construction Management”.  Through this pathway, students will have the opportunity to explore concepts, theories and practical application of skills that are important in a construction management career.

Rhode Island College’s Technology Education department has sent a technology education student to complete the student teaching portion of RIC’s program with one of our academy instructors.  Mr. Boisvert is teaching under Mr. Macari, working with 3 of his classes and Mr. B has been a great fit for our department thus far.

Our Construction class is in the process of building and installing a platform and set of stairs that will allow easier access to the school’s athletic field press box.  The Construction class will also be installing new work surfaces and computer workstation furniture in our design lab.  All the new workstation furniture will be built by our Furniture Design students using CNC equipment, as apart of the upgrade.

Our Architecture students have been planning and designing a better functional space for our existing design lab.  Considerable time has been spent on details for the remodel; which includes maximizing storage areas, traffic flow, and student work envelope consideration.

Remodeling has already begun.  Our construction students will be involved in every step from design to construction, students will complete every aspect of the project.  The existing space will be treated to student-built lab furniture, paint, flooring, data and electrical wiring upgrades and decorative ceiling tiles.  Updated high-performance computer workstations for the new design lab are in the upcoming second phase of the design lab elevation.

This April our Academy and Construction students will be involved in the 2018 Rhode island home show at the RI convention center.  The construction students will help build the facade on site which will be in the show area.  The academy students will design and make the awards for the home show’s floral design competition.   Also, academy students will make 400+ shirts for the students from around the state, who are involved in the home show.  We will be partnering up with the art department’s graphic design class as a joint effort on shirt layout.

One of our Mechanical Design classes is in the process of flight training with newly acquired drones.  The class is working in student design teams of three, to reverse engineer and create SolidWorks models of drone airframes.   These airframes will be 3D printed, existing components bolted to it and test flown to see if a redesign is needed.  The other Mechanical Design class will begin the process of designing and fabricating bicycles in the upcoming weeks.  The Mechanical Design students will be going on a material science exploration field trip to Fay Butler Metal Shaping in March.

Our Robotics class is moving through coding their EV3 robots very quickly, they have used touch, ultrasonic, and reflective light sensors so far to build various robots that can navigate a maze, follow lines, and detect objects.  Robotics students are currently exploring gear trains and mechanical advantage through the design and construction of Lego dragsters.  The racers will compete on a 25’ course autonomously and must sense the finish line to shut down.  During the 4th quarter, the Robotics students will design and build BattleBots which will compete until one vehicle remains.

On May 6th, the Engineering and Technology Academy students will have “Lunch with the Air Force” to learn about engineering and technology career paths as well as other opportunities that the USAF has to offer.  A post-secondary education exploration trip is in the works to the Johnson and Wales University new engineering and design building located in downtown Providence.  Students will tour the new facilities and receive information about the engineering design programs offered

— Mike Starring