We’ve had a busy few weeks in the Law Pathway! Intro to Criminal Justice students are researching common characteristics of serial killers.  Students chose a serial criminal and completed research into their past, upbringing, crimes committed, and psychological reasons for their actions.  Students then built criminal profiles for their respective killers. In Law and Society, students conducted their first mock trials in front of an audience of over 50 students.  Students took the roles of the prosecution and defense teams and witnesses in these criminal law cases. The two trials showcased the concepts of first degree murder, assault and battery, premeditation, intent and self defense.

First Responder Fitness is finishing up the semester and just completed the Fitness Post Test and are working towards completing First Aid & CPR training and the final phase of self defense with Officer John.

Law and Public Safety students also had the opportunity to attend the RI  Municipal Police Graduation ceremony, as well as a field trip to the Maximum Security facility at the ACI, which proved to be an eye-opening experience.