Engineering Technology Academy Pathway

Engineering Technology Academy Pathway

Designed to give students a robust experience in design, engineering and fabrication, the Engineering Technology Academy Pathway provides hands-on experience with 3D design, advanced engineering techniques, and the skills necessary to bring the theoretical to life. The program is designed to not only teach course specifics, but also expose students to the wide array of possibilities an engineering education offers. Engineering students enjoy smaller class size, increased instructional attention and a personalized environment that makes focusing on the skills required to succeed in engineering easier to obtain and the pathway more rewarding.

Core Classes

8519 Technology Survey (Intro to Engineering)

Technology Survey (Intro to Engineering) is an introductory engineering course that exposes a student to several areas taught by the Engineering and Technology Education Department, as well as studying and implementing basic engineering theory and skills.

8504 Mechanical Design/CADD I (Engineering I)

Mechanical Design/CADD I (Engineering I) is a pre-engineering course that exposes a student to the amazing and useful world of mechanical and computer aided design and drafting.

8509 Construction EEP

Construction is an introduction to skills, knowledge, environments, and people of the construction industry. Students will learn how structures evolved and continue to evolve with societal needs and technological advancements.

8510 Architectural Design/CADD II EEP (Engineering II)

Architectural Design/CADD II (Engineering II) is a continuation of Mechanical Drafting/ CADD I (Engineering I). Students will use the Smithfield High School engineering labs to study architecture and architects through the ages. Both native and foreign architecture will be explored. The design and engineering of all types of residential and some commercial buildings will also be studied.

Engineering Technology Pathway Electives

  • 8501 Furniture Design & Production I
  • Furniture Design & Production II EEP
  • 8512 Introduction to Robotics
  • 8520 Power & Energy
  • 8521 Introduction to Design & Production (Industrial Design)