Academy of Finance Pathway

Academy of Finance Pathway

The Academy of Finance Pathway was founded in 1998 and is a rigorous business, finance, and academic program that prepares students for careers through the mastery of both hard and soft skills within the context of a business curriculum. Academy of Finance Pathways students enjoy smaller class size, increased instructional attention, and a personalized environment that allows for a deeper, more rewarding dive into the skills required to succeed in contemporary business.

Core Classes

6513 Microeconomics EEP

This is a one-semester introductory course in the field of microeconomics. Students will survey the factors inherent in the American economic system of free enterprise that has shaped the United States and take a close-up look at its economy.

6517 International Business I

A one semester course exploring major components of the international financial system. It includes the study of foreign trade, the international monetary system, foreign exchange rates, foreign exchange markets, international financial markets, international banking, and the multinational corporation.

6538 Macroeconomics EEP

A one semester introductory course in the field of macroeconomics. In this course, students take an overall look at the economy and survey the goals of macroeconomics: rapid economic growth, full employment, and stable prices. Topics explored include production, income, employment, the monetary system, short and long run models, interest rates, and inflation.

6518 Personal Finance I

Students learn how to navigate the financial decisions they must face and how to make informed decisions, development of financial literacy skills and an understanding of economic principles will provide the basis for responsible citizenship and career success.

6535 Entrepreneurship

Students will learn how to open their own business in this course. Basic skills in marketing, finance, law, and management will be learned to help the student bring a small business idea to life.

6505 Financial Accounting EEP

Financial Accounting is a comprehensive one-year course which presents accounting theory and practice at a higher level than Accounting I. It is designed to provide the necessary accounting skills for those who plan to pursue a college education in the areas of business, finance, accounting, or management.

Finance Pathway Electives

  • 6532 Multimedia
  • 6503 Business: Basics and Beyond
  • 6525 Accounting I
  • 6511 Law I – Law & Society EEP
  • 6514 Banking and Credit
  • 6515 Law II
  • 6523 Computer Literacy
  • 6534 Advanced Computer Skills
  • 6524 Marketing
  • 6536 Introduction to Sports Marketing
  • 6537 Intro to Sports Management